July 10, 2013

Willow Creek Golf & Country Club Wedding ~ Emily + Nick

Emily and Nick are one of the dearest couples to me, as you may already know.  I have known them all the time they have been together.  In fact, I photographed them on their prom and am truly honored that I was their on their wedding day to capture the nature of their love.  It runs deep and wide and it just makes you feel good!  And if there is one word that to describe this gorgeous couple on their wedding day, it’s emotion…  There is a picture of Nick proposing to Emily on the mantle, and their story, from high school sweethearts up until that point that I introduce them to you today.  These moments displayed in images for all to see.  The tears that appeared in Nick’s eyed as he saw Emily emerge from the back of the church… This image brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.  Take a look at Emily & Nick’s wedding day love story…©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis_0145©tessiereveliotis.com©tessiereveliotis.com


Thank you Emily & Nick for having me tell your wedding day love story!






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