March 17, 2016

Tessie Travels to Thailand – Visual Treasures Part I

So, when a fellow photographer asks, “Who wants to travel to Thailand with me?” who says, “Heck yeah!  I do!”?  Me!  And I am so grateful for the opportunity.  I was definitely visiting an area of the world that I hadn’t really considered exploring before this.  And I fell in love!  I was enamored by the welcoming smiles of the people and the colorful representation of all the things that define who they are and what they believe.  It was a trip I will always remember and a place I would love to visit and explore beyond the areas I visited on this trip.  So let’s begin with our stay in Bangkok!  It was a larger city than I thought it would be.  It was bustling with movement. You couldn’t ignore the hustle and bustle because of the hot pink taxis whizzing through the streets at all hours of the day.  Food everywhere! Markets everywhere!  And most surprising of all was the amount of 7-Eleven stores everywhere from the big city to the small towns that we visited in Chiang Rai.  So, tale a look of the visual treasures I brought back to share.  This will be the first of three posts dedicated to this beautiful, inspiring trip.  This is almost two days in Bangkok…

Our first stop in Bangkok was China Town.  This is the view of China Town from our visit to Wat Traimit, The Temple of the Golden Buddha.   Images on the streets through China Town will be coming up after you take a look inside the temple.

The Wat Traimit Temple houses the worlds’s largest golden seated Buddha.TESSIEREVELIOTIS_2015_0693TESSIEREVELIOTIS_2015_0709






After or visit here we were on our way to the White Palace through the streets of China Town and beyond.  Take a look at the streets of Bangkok.








Yes, this is a quick glance of the first day in Bangkok.  Stay tuned for a beautiful presentation of the White Palace that is filled with generations of history beautifully immortalized with buildings of color and grandeur.



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