January 28, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014


Happy 2014!  Yes, January is already 28 days young but this is just the beginning of my 2014 with you.  I have spent this month focused on my family & friends, reconnecting, focusing and preparing for another memorable year.  I know how great it will be because of the amazing connections I have made through the years with some pretty fabulous couples, their families and their friends.  Heck, there were so many beautiful wedding day love stories I had the honor of documenting, especially this last year, and I haven’t even shared them with you.  I am looking forward to bringing you up to speed!

I’d also like to express my deepest gratitude to the fabulous people who share my passion for the power of an image and with whom I had the opportunity to work with last year – Caryn, Angela, Paolo, Jessica, Julieanne, Robyn & Sue!  And to the behind-the-scenes faces I have came across throughout the years, Ylenia and Christina – always bringing out the best in the beautiful brides we have the honor of working with!  And to Ashley, an event coordinator extraordinaire – who makes it all picture perfect!

Most of all, I am grateful for the love, support and encouragement of the most important people in my life.  These four handsome guys I have included in this post.  What they teach me and remind me about the most important things in life I will continue to share.

 And so, here’s to sharing the love, dreaming big and taking that leap of faith to whatever feeds your soul and makes you happy!  Here’s to 2014!





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