May 16, 2013

Country Chic Wedding ~ Casey + Doug

This was a wedding full of DIY that was a feast for the eyes!  Casey and Doug invested a lot of time into making their wedding personal and intimate.  Their theme – Country Chic.  There was burlap and lace… it wrapped Casey’s beautiful bouquet of roses …it decorated the invitations designed by Casey herself  …it graced the aisle for their outdoor ceremony and the tables for their reception …

There were mason jars…  some for drinks and  others that were made blue by Casey and Doug.  The large blue mason jars were scattered throughout the venue, filled with beautiful wildflowers, and adorned their reception tables.

Chalk boards, large and small, were scattered throughout the decor as well.  Casey and Doug will use the chalkboard that declared the menu for the affair, in their kitchen at home.

And these antique shutters were purchased and redone to hold the place cards for the seating arrangements.  The tables cards, also designed by the bride, were attached to the shutters with beautiful gold glitter covered clothespins.

The favors were the most fabulous DIY piece of the event.  Casey and Doug had these beautifully designed bottles house the homemade Vanilla extract they made for each of their guests

All of these details housed in this quaint venue that is a very special place for Casey and Doug.  Check tomorrow’s post for the story on the beautiful bride and her handsome groom!

The amount of love put into every little detail, to make this space truly their own on their wedding day, was undeniably felt.

I hope you enjoyed and marveled at all the DIY details as much as I did!





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